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Life can replace someone

If #LIFE can remove someone
you never thought of Losing
It can replace them
with someone
you never dreamt of having !!!

Situations makes person bad

Sometimes situation makes you
to #Hate someone....
Don't hate that person.
Just hate that situation.........
Nobody is #BAD,
Situations makes a person bad !!!

Make relation‬ which Never Ends

Make a ‪#‎Mind‬ which never minds,,,
Make a ‪#‎Heart‬ which never hurts...

Make a Touch which never pains...
Make a ‪#‎Relation‬ which never Ends!!!

My feelings in silence

Nothing to say, Nothing to write
And nothing to send
But I believe that you'll listen, read and reciprocate
my feelings even in your silence....

Some people are so Lucky

Some people are so Lucky relationship status

Some people are so Lucky
that even after Hurting..
They get so much of Love.
Many are so unlucky that even after Loving so much..
They only get Hurt..!!