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I Trust You Blindly

Touching Line 4 My Dear Ones :-
A Request To My Specials
I Trust You Blindly.
Please Never Prove Me Blind.

A real man chooses

A real man ☼☼
Chooses to ♀♀
Honor ↕↕
Love <3 <3
Respect $$
Adore and Be faithful ↓↓
To one woman...!!

People Who find time for you

Respect people
Who find time for you
In their busy schedule time
Love those one
Who never look at their schedule
When you need them. !!!

Who holds my hand

I never worry about who wish me
when I Win or i am Happy..
I just see Who holds my hand
When I lost everything in my Life.....

That person always accept us

Our worst behaviour is always reserved
for the person we Love the most,,,
Because somehow, that person will
always accept us as we are !!!